Inside Impact

People are changing their communities (with what they love to do)

The Inside Impact podcast from Unity Web Agency amplifies their stories and gives you a glimpse into how organizations can be catalysts for positive change in their communities.

Mission Powered, Impact Focused

More and more businesses are discovering new ways to make a positive impact in their communities, and it’s something that Unity Web Agencys CEO Alisa Herr is always thinking about.

Inside Impact not only brings awareness to these folks great work — we also share meaningful strategies and mindsets that you can use to help your own community!

The Latest on Inside Impact

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Impacting the International Nonprofit Community, with Trish Perkins

March 17, 2023

Trish Perkins is a Salesforce MVP and executive director of Worldstouch, an organization that provides affordable, quality Salesforce solutions to nonprofit clients worldwide. Instead of charging an hourly or project-based rate to her international clients, she exchanges her expertise for…

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Web accessibility and equity with Ablr 360’s John Samuel

March 1, 2023

The internet should be accessible to all, regardless of ability.  Founder and CEO of Ablr 360, John Samuel joins host Alisa Herr as he details his journey. From his days in college when he learned that he was losing his…

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Social entrepreneurship and moving the needle, with Forward Impact Solutions’ Christopher Gergen

June 15, 2022

Christopher Gergen‘s first entrepreneurial venture—a coffee shop bar in Santiago, Chile—was impactful, but more impactful was the man who walked in and introduced himself as a “cultural entrepreneur.” In this episode, hear how that first project inspired him to support…

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Lindsay Siegel is fighting for the entrepreneurs who build with purpose, like People’s Choice co-founder Troy Walcott

June 1, 2022

Lindsay Siegel is the Head of Impact a different kind of venture capital fund. Company Ventures is not just looking at profitability and return on investment – they partner with the next generation of entrepreneur that’s seeking to build with…

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Basil Camu’s journey to purposeful and impactful work with Leaf & Limb

May 18, 2022

Inside Impact host Alisa Herr sits with CEO, Founder, and Wizard of Things Basil Camu as they discuss his work, “Project Pando,” and how his business uses education around trees to create a better and healthier world. Basil discusses the…

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